Searching Inside eBooks

To search the text of a specific eBook, there are two options:

  1. From the eBook details page
  2. From within the online eBook reader

From the eBook details page

First, locate an eBook via a normal search or by following a direct link. The URL of an eBook details page looks like this, although the number after “id” will be different:

On this page, there is a section with the title “Search inside this book”, just above the Table of Contents listing. Enter search terms into the books and click the button to view results.

You can click on any result to open the eBook at the corresponding page. Please note that this will only work if your institution has a subscription to this eBook.

Clicking on a result will open the online reader in a new window, so that your search results are preserved in the first window.

From within the online eBook reader

Once you have an eBook open in the online eBook reader, you can search the book by using the search box at the top-right. This will show results in a similar format to when you search from outside the book, except that when you click on a result you are taken directly to the page.

This method is available when viewing an eBook in Preview Mode (if you do not have a subscription), but while you can search the complete text, only certain pages can actually be viewed in Preview Mode.