Advanced Searches

A more sophisticated search can be conducted by clicking the “Search” option in the main navigation. This will present you with several options, which are explained here.

  • You must enter some search terms into the large box marked “Search terms”. Separate terms with spaces. Boolean logic terms (e.g. AND, OR etc) are not used here.
  • Under “Search in” you can select whether to confine your search only to eBooks to which you are subscribed, or to search the whole library.
  • Under “Search mode” you can select whether to match any one (or more) of your search terms, to match all of your search terms, or to match an exact phrase only (i.e. the exact phrase you have typed in to the search terms box).
  • Under “Limit search” you can confine the search to look in all the indexed fields (which include the eBook description, subjects, author, and title), or just the titles, or just the authors.
  • Under “Filters” you can apply a filter to confine the search to a specific publisher and / or a specific publication date (before, during, or after a specified date).

Once you have some search results, there are several additional filters available to you:

  • Filter by subject: you can use the mini-subject browser to reduce the search results to those matching only one subject.
  • Filter by publisher: this has the same effect as the main publisher filter in the previous step.
  • Filter by date published: again, this has the same effect as the main publication date filter.
  • By initial letter: click on a letter (or numbers 0-9) to view search results with titles beginning with the corresponding letter. A link “all” will appear once you have selected a letter, allowing you to remove the filter and view all results again.

To browse through pages of results, use the large double arrows at the top of the result list to go to the next or previous page of results. If the button is grey and inactive, this means that you are either on the first or last page results, or that there is only one page of results to view.

There are 20 eBooks displayed per page of results.

You can flip between “grid” and “list” view according to your personal preference by using the buttons provided; your preference is saved for the duration of your browsing session.