Downloading eBooks to a Kindle Fire

It is possible to download our eBooks via Adobe Digital Editions and then save the eBooks on another device, but the procedure is technically quite advanced.

Here is the procedure for saving an eBook to a 2nd-generation (or later) Kindle Fire. Please note that we do not take any responsibility for any damage you might do to your device while following these instructions.

These instructions assume that you are already successfully downloading eBooks from 123Library to Adobe Digital Editions.

  1. Allow your Kindle Fire to install apps from any location: go to Settings (e.g. drag down from the top of the screen then click “More+”), and Device. Set “Allow Installation of Applications” to “On”
  2. Install the ES3 File Explorer APK (an APK is an app installer file - normally you would get these from Amazon's App Store or Google Play, but Amazon's App Store does not offer this app and Play is partially disabled on Kindle Fire)
  3. Download the Bluefire App APK to your Kindle Fire; this is for the Bluefire eReader app. Other eReader apps are available, but we have tested this procedure with Bluefire which operates correctly
  4. Using the ES3 app that you have already installed, find the Bluefire APK and open it, to install Bluefire Reader
  5. Launch Bluefire and authenticate with your Adobe ID (tap “info” in the bottom right hand corner; authorisation is the first item). NB: this must be the same Adobe ID that you already use with Adobe Digital Editions
  6. Download an eBook to Adobe Digital Editions on your PC/Mac in the usual way
  7. Use Digital Editions to locate the eBook file on your computer (e.g. right-click the book and select “Show File in Explorer”)
  8. Plug the Kindle Fire into your computer using a USB cable, and open the Kindle Fire in your computer's file explorer. You will see several folders called Books, Documents, Android, etc
  9. Copy the eBook file into the “Documents” folder on the Kindle fire
  10. Back on the Kindle Fire again, use ES3 to cut the eBook file from Documents and paste it into the Bluefire/import folder. NB, the Bluefire/import folder doesn't show up when you browse your Kindle Fire from your PC/Mac; ES3 is required to see this folder
  11. In the Bluefire app, go to Info (bottom right corner) then in the section labelled “Import from SD Card”, click the “Import” button. Bluefire will then locate the eBook and you will see it on the main Bluefire screen.
  12. Bluefire will then check your Adobe ID credentials to make sure you are allowed to access the eBook loan, and eventually it will allow you to read the book. NB, Bluefire seems to do quite a lot “in the background” and it may seem that the app has stopped responding. In our tests it can sometimes take several minutes before the book can be read, and even once you have opened the book, it may seem to “hang” after the first couple of pages. Eventually however (after up to 10 minutes) the book is fully loaded into Bluefire and can be read without any problems until the end of your loan.

To return the eBook early and to allow other users to access it, open up Adobe Digital Editions on your PC/Mac, right-click the eBook, and select “Return Borrowed Item”. You will no longer be able to open it on your Kindle Fire, so in order to save space on your Kindle Fire, you can delete the eBook from within Bluefire (click the pencil icon in the top-right corner, then click the “X” that appears over the eBook and you will be asked if you want to delete the item).

These instructions are supplied without any warranty whatsoever, and are not officially supported by 123Library. However, we have put the instructions here as they have been useful to some users.