Downloading ebooks

eBooks can be downloaded from 123Library if your institution has subscribed to this option.

In order to read an eBook on a handheld device (e.g. Apple iPad), you must first download the eBook to your computer (PC or Mac versions are available).

1. Download to your computer

Simply follow these instructions to download an eBook to your computer.

  1. You will require a copy of Adobe Digital Editions to be installed on your PC/Mac; this can be downloaded from Adobe.
  2. You will also require an Adobe ID. This links your copy of Digital Editions to you personally.
  3. Find an eBook on 123Library to which your subscription has access, open the eBook in the online reader and click the “Download” button. Alternatively, simply go to the eBook details page (for example, and there should be an option after the eBook description to “Download to Adobe Digital Editions”. If neither of these options are available, then your institution has not subscribed to the downloadable version of the eBook.
  4. Either of these “download” links will cause a file named “URL.ascm” to be downloaded. You should simply open this file using Adobe Digital Editions.
  5. Adobe Digital Editions will then download the eBook itself (some eBook files are large and this step may take some time), and it will be available in your Adobe Digital Editions bookshelf, from where you can read the book offline on your own computer.

2. Downloading to a handheld device

Once you have the eBook in Adobe Digital Editions, you can copy it to a handheld device so that you can read it while you are on the move.

  1. You will require an Android or iOS device, or another device that is compatible with Adobe Digital Editions (e.g. Kobo)
  2. On Android or iOS, you will also require an eReader app. We have tested and recommend the Bluefire Reader app which is available free of charge on Google Play or Apple iTunes.
  3. You will need to authorise your eReader (or eReader app on Android / iOS) with your Adobe ID (see above - this must be the same Adobe ID that you use with Digital Editions) The procedure varies according to the eReader software, so please check your eReader's instructions.
  4. All you need to do now is plug your eReader device into your Mac/PC, and it will show up as a device in Adobe Digital Editions. You can then drag the eBook from your bookshelf onto the device, and then read it from your device, assuming that you have linked with your Adobe ID correctly.

Please note that Kindle devices cannot be used in this way, even though they use Android. We have a prepared set of advanced instructions that will enable you to download to Kindle.

3. Downloading to a handheld device without Digital Editions

In some cases, it is possible to browse 123Library and to download the eBook direct to your device without using Digital Editions. To do this, simply browse to the eBook on your device's web browser and click the “download” link as described above.

If your device is capable of skipping the Digital Editions step, you will be able to open the “download” link immediately on your device using your eReader app. This will, however, require a compatible eBook reader app such as Bluefire (available free from Google Play or Apple iTunes) to be previously installed on your device.